Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fuego

Lightweight aluminium eliptical tubing
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Stylish Bold compact ultra light aluminum stroller Trendy colors modern tailoring eliptical tubing and high tech wheels make this stroller fashion forward Compact D fold and carry handle for easy travel Fully reclining seat with hide away boot enclosure for sleeping babies Rear wheel suspension and toe tap locking brakes keep your ride safe
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3.0 out of 5 stars COMPLETE CHICCO LITEWAY REVIEW, July 24, 2009
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I bought the Liteway in Fuego from Amazon, it was the best price around. When I go it, I didn't really like the color. It's an orangish red, I thought it would be deeper. Should have gone with the topazio... But anyways. I'm a 4th time mom with a lot of stroller experience. I've owned all kinds! Too many to list!

Liteway Pros
1. A full one-hand recline (really flat!) my 3 month old is very comfortable in this stroller. Easy to change a diaper in this stroller. Definitely usable from birth.
2. Safety harness is awesome, great fit. I like that the snap part is covered, so you can't pinch your baby's skin. Also 2 shoulder positons.
3. Stroller height. great for tall parents.
4. Adult cupholder. it's large, so you can fit more than just waterbottles.
5. Front wheel locks- great for locking straight to go across the grass. Also very easy to remove the front wheels.
6. Leg bunting- It's attached and stored under the leg rest. It's not large however and my 3 month old has almost outgrown it. It's not a feature for kids 7 months or older I think.
7. It's not too tippy. I can hang a medium size diaper bag (fleurville rerun)on the handles and it doesn't tip over when the child is not in the stroller.
8. Super easy to fold. (just like Maclaren.) It has an auto lock when you fold it. I have successfully opened and closed it while holding my child in the other hand.
9. So easy to steer! I had to drive it one-handed across a bumpy wooden bridge, and had no problems!
10. It's narrow enough to fit through tight spots.
11. It's self-locking! This is a huge deal for me because I can close it and load it into the car one-handed.

1. Viewing window in canopy. It's not covered, just tinted, so it lets in A LOT of light- which happens to fall right on my son's face. Had I known that the window was not covered, I would not have bought this stroller.
2. Canopy. Size is just OK. Although, when unattached to the back, it does rotate around to the front to block more sun (but the zipper portion dangles in front of my son's face and annoys him somewhat.
3. Weight- this is not a small stroller. Don't let the name fool you, it's not Lite! it's about 20 lbs. The Pliko P3 feels lighter!
4. Folded size. It really is not that compact. It's about 1.5 times the size of Maclaren Quest when folded.It takes up a lot of the trunk space in my Yukon behind the 3rd row seat.
5. Really small basket- I thought that it would be bigger. I can only fit my Baby Bjorn classic and 2 vhs videos in there. No WAY can you fit a diaper bag. (so I just hang the bag on the handle instead)
6. no snack tray
7. Always have to push 2 buttons to put down the childs foot rest. Now that he's 2, he is constantly pulling up on the foot rest and peeling off the seat fabric from the attachments, which I then have to put back on. HATE THAT!

All in all this stroller is OK. I'm REALLY dissappointed with the canopy. Why can't they make a big canopy like the BOB Joggers? For the price, I guess it's OK. I do wish I had spent the 40 extra dollars and bought a peg perego Aria, Joovy Kooper, or Zooper twist instead...REALLY big canopies on those that rotate to the front...

UPDATE: So now I've used the stroller for 2 months and have decided that for the price, this is an above average stroller. The canopy problem I had I fixed with a Kiddopotamus Rayshade for 15 bucks. You can fold the stroller with the Rayshade attached, so I can honestly say that this is a complete stroller now. I'm taking it to Sea World soon and am confident I will be happy. The other strollers I liked were atleast 40 dollars more than this stroller, so I feel that this stroller is a real bargain now. Although if given a do-over, I would probably buy something else. I would change the rating to 4 stars, but I can't figure out how to do it!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome stroller, July 15, 2009
Joseph Maiz (Philadelphia, PA) - See all my reviews
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After doing searches on strollers, going to the various baby stores and locations, we decided to get the Liteway series stroller, and after using it for 1 week, we love it. The stroller has several features similar to the maclaren series do: the folding methods and locking mechanism; it also has the window and cup holder, unlike the 'cheeper' maclarens. The stroller is not as lite in weight as the C6 series, but if you need a true lite weight stroller (under 10lbs), then the C6 series will be your only option. The best feature is the price for what you get: $100 for all this where most strollers in the feature range are twice that or more.

For us we wanted:
1- Easy to store and travel with around town
2- Does not take up space in the trunk of a 4D sedan
3- Can hold the lil guy for several years after birth (6months -3yrs old)
4- Can recline fully- I'm talkin about flat, not angled.
5- A basket underneath
6- An adult storage area- cup holder, pocket, etc..

This stroller has it all. If you can find it in the store, try it out, but in the end, this one had all the features we wanted.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Searched long and hard for the perfect stroller, September 14, 2012
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We bought the Britax B-Ready before our little one was born and loved it with the car seat and bassinet attachments. However, once our little guy outgrew the car seat and it was time to install the stroller seat, it was too big and bulky, so the search began for a multi-function and easily transportable umbrella stroller.

Enter: Chicco Litewaya

This stroller has everything you could ask for in an umbrella stroller, plus features typically reserved for higher-end traditional strollers.

Pro's: Very adjustable canopy that can be zipped to the stroller seat or unzipped for a little breeze or to adjust better for the sun. The canopy has a TINTED (yep, nicely tinted to block out direct sunlight) peekaboo window to see your little one through. The back rest is a multi-position backrest that can go from fully upright to laying down flat, with multiple positions in between. The seat also FULLY (100% flat fully) reclines, which was exactly what we were looking for (and could not even find in in the higher end traditional strollers). The seat recline is a simple as pushing (well, pulling) a little lever on the back of the seat. We often go for walks by the beach and my little one falls asleep. Its super easy to recline the seat and then we unzip the canopy base and tilt it to block the sun. With the canopy unzipped, you can also see your little one snoozing and they get a nice breeze.

The handles are high enough that I have not kicked the wheels once, and padded, so it is comfortable to push. The stroller gives a nice ride and feels durable. The fabric is breathable and quick drying (we got stuck in the rain last week).

Bonus feature, the storage bin is actually a drawstring backpack, so you can use it like a traditional stroller bin and toss stuff on top, or you can place everything inside. The bag easily detaches from the seat (velcro closures) and can be worn as a lightweight backpack. There's also an adult cup holder.

Con's: Folded closed, this stroller is a bit long (due to the comfortably high handles); It also requires 2 hands to close.

All in all, we are extremely pleased with the purchase and have gotten great use out of it.
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